If there’s one book I wish I had from my childhood, it’s a crafts project book that contained a sweet pattern for a handmade doll. Everything about the doll was perfect. It had the sweetest little face, which I copied and embroidered many times. I don’t know how many dolls I made; I’m sure I made one for myself. I’d like to think I made one for my sister, but can’t be sure. 

I scoured the internet trying to find that book, but, unfortunately, I don’t remember the name. I’m sure it’s long out of print.

I had recently signed up for a doll making class with Johanna Flanagan of The Pale Rook. Actually the class was on creativity and “embracing the unexpected”, but we learned a few of her doll making techniques. It was one of those times where I had great intentions, and started out strong, but did not keep up with the weekly emails.

Around this time, I saw my niece at Thanksgiving. She had a doll kit her grandmother had given her and I played with her for awhile, as the kit had all kinds of neat activities.

I was telling my niece about the doll class I was taking and asked if she’d like me to make her a doll, which, of course, she would.

My niece has such a sweet face, I took some photos and thought how wonderful it would be to make an embroidered doll face of her. We tried to get photos to look like the doll with giant eyes and pursed lips.

I wasn’t that happy with my final embroidery as it didn’t capture the cuteness of my niece. I should have used different thread weights, lighter colors, and more of a line drawing for the mouth.

Then one day on Instagram I saw a free pattern for the Josephine doll. How sweet! I love the simple face and design of the doll.

Shortly after that, the electricity was off at our house for a full day and I was glad I had printed out the pattern, so I made the doll entirely hand sewn! I also knitted a sweater dress, which I made up the little pattern for and it might be a tad too big.

Looking back, I wish I had made the doll bigger, but it is still very sweet!

It’s been a few months and yesterday I realized that spring is coming and I still haven’t finished this little doll! Who wants a doll with a winter sweater in the warm months! 

All I needed to do was sew up the head (I had stuffed it last week when electricity was again out!) and sew the sides of the little sweater and off this little Josephine goes to my creative and fun niece.

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