Why “Hidden Lace”?

When you work a lace pattern in bulky, it looks entirely different, with a squishy, stretchy feel that is wonderfully cozy as a cowl. The Twin Rib pattern does not curl, so that cowl stands up on its own to cover the neck area. My mom would have loved this feature (she always joked about getting a face lift and never did). This pattern is in honor of her, Jane Stanley, gone now for many years and still missed.

Suggested Yarn

Olann Gra “Jane” Bulky Merino Superwash yarn, one skein of 136 yds (124 m), or Berroco Ultra Wool Chunky, one skein of 145 yds (133 m). Approximately 120 yds (110 m) needed for cowl.

Green Olann Gra Hidden Lace Cowl
On the left, Laura is wearing Olann Gra “Jane” Bulky

Berroco Ultra Wool Cowl
Berroco Ultra Wool Chunky #43152 Ocean


17 sts and 22 rnds = 4” (10 cm) in lace pattern worked in the round on size 9 (5.5 mm) needles. I recommend knitting a gauge swatch in the Twin Rib pattern, then pulling it out and using that yarn to start the cowl. Otherwise you might need two skeins of yarn.


US 9 (5.5 mm) 16” (40 cm) or 24” (60 cm) circular needle. A blunt tipped needle is better for knitting with bulky 3-ply yarn, although I’m having a hard time finding one online to recommend – mine is bamboo that is a bit blunt from use! You could try Jimmy Beans or Joann’s. If you are buying new needles, I recommend 16″ because those are great for hats too.

1 stitch marker for BOR (Beginning of Row) and tapestry needle for weaving in ends. A small rubber band works fine as a stitch marker or you can get those cute ones that many yarn shops carry.


One size – This is a snug cowl with 1-2 inches of positive ease. If you like a wider, more drapey cowl, you can increase the circumference by adding stitches in multiples of 6. Pattern is 90 stitches, but could easily be 96, 102, etc. Two skeins might be needed for larger sizes.


10.5” (26.5 cm) width, 21” (53.5 cm) circumference, 7” (18 cm) height.

Full Video Tutorial for the Hidden Lace Cowl:

This video shows you how to work the Twin Rib pattern, Lace pattern, and how to cast on and bind off.
Visit Olann Gra’s Etsy shop to purchase her Jane Bulky Superwash yarn using in this video.
I also recommend Berroco Ultra Wool Chunky Superwash, available at Web’s or in many local yarn shops.

*Note: I apologize for using the word “row” in this video, I should have said “round” since it is knitting on a circular needle “in the round.”

You can watch on YouTube and the below times will be live and easy to click

00:00 – 00:25 Introduction and Knitting Needle Size 9″ circular, 16″ or 24″ length
00:26 – 01:37 Cable Cast On with Olann Gra Jane Bulky Superwash Yarn
01:38 – 02:44 Beginning of Round (BOR) adding stitch marker and joining yarn on a circular needle for knitting in the round
02:45 – 04:32 Twin Rib Pattern – Round 1
04:33 – 05:15 Twin Rib Pattern – Round 2
05:16 – 05:49 Why knitting is so relaxing…
05:50 – 06:03 Knit 6 rounds total of Twin Rib Pattern
06:04 – 09:52 Lace Pattern – Round 2
09:53 – 12:17 Lace Pattern – Round 4
12:18 – 13:41 Lace Pattern – Round 6
13:42 – 16:40 Lace Pattern – Round 8 (at 14:54 I loose my place, I keep this in to show how it easily happens and how I found my way again)
16:41 – 18:39 Finish up with a Knit Bind Off

Feel free to ask questions or post comments below.

I’d love to see your finished projects on Instagram #hiddenlacecowl or on Ravelry (click on button below)

Here are more videos to help with individual stitches:

YO – Yarn Over

K2tog – Knit 2 Together

Sl – How to Slip a Stitch

SSK – Slip, slip, Knit two together

Feel free to post questions or comments below. Thanks! Marjorie


  1. This is GREAT!!! I think I’ll really be able to tackle this with all this info. Thanks, Marje, can’t wait to get to it.

    1. That’s so good to hear Ellen, I truly made the video for folks like you! I also recently updated it with time stamps so it’s easier to find your way around to get help faster. Best of luck with the pattern and let me know if you have any questions!

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