First, You will need to obtain a “Tester Code” and Pattern Name from your Ravelry Designer

The Designer generates a “Tester Code” when they are setting up their pattern on Ravelry under “Contributions.” This is an image of what it looks like on their account once the Tester Code has been generated:

Next, Add a New Project in Ravelry

Sign in to Ravelry and click on “my notebook” in the upper right hand corner. This will pull down a menu – click on Projects.

This will bring you to the My Projects page. Click on the “add a project” button

Adding Your Test Pattern Project Name & Tester Code

This will open up a project page where you add the type of craft, the name of the project (which is the test knitters pattern name, then select “I used a pattern” and put the “Testers Code” number in that box. Click continue

Here is an example of what the finished inputs look like:

Click Continue and you can add more information to your project page as you work on the pattern, including photos of the process and your thoughts on the pattern.

I currently need testers for my Hidden Lace Cowl pattern (see image below). Drop me a line if you are interested and I’ll send you the pattern.

Hidden Lace Cowl featuring Olann Gra hand dyed yarn

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