I have not quilted or created any fiber art in a long time, many years. It used to be a passion. If I was out with my kids somewhere and we saw an interesting geometric design, or colorful fabric, my kids would always draw my attention to it and say, “that’d be good for your quilts.” They knew how excited I’d get by any fiber inspiration and I (we) saw it everywhere.

In the past few years, my enthusiasm has been entirely swallowed up by knitting. I love every aspect to it, natural yarns from surrounding farms, visiting local mills in my area, taking classes at nearby Web’s and Harrisville Designs.

But today I saw this fiber artist, Pat Pauly, and I LOVED her work. Her focus is at the “intersection of traditional quilt arts with contemporary fiber art.” She prints fabrics, but using them in simple squares and blocks. This really speaks to me.

I’m watching this video about her process now…

The Louisiana Channel on YouTube has many great videos on art, literature, architecture and design produced by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark.

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