How to Wind a Yarn Ball by Hand

I’ve always wound my yarn by hand, as I like the look of round balls of yarn, but lately I’ve been winding so that I can have a center pull and love this video. It makes a beautiful looking yarn cake.

Knitting for Beginners – The Cable Cast On – a firmer cast on

Learn To Knit with Marjorie Ray

The Cable cast on is not too stretchy. It’s a sturdy and pretty cast on, good for beginners. It’s always been my favorite, especially for hats and cowls.

The Old Norwegian Cast On – a stretchier cast on

This takes time to get used to, but I love this cast on for sweaters.

Long Tail Cast On with Patty Lyons

I recently took a class with Patty Lyons at Harrisville Designs. What a fabulous teacher!

How to do a Provisional Crochet Cast-on

I like doing this for socks or mittens. Currently using it for Bernie’s Mittens pattern. (Free on Ravelry).

Criss Cross Cast-On

Saw this recently while watching an Anna Husemann Intarsia Knitwear Class on Domestika

The Chinese Waitress Cast On

How to Hold Yarn for Continental Knitting

How to Yarn Over (yo) in knitting

Double Stockinette Stitch

This would be good for a scarf as it doesn’t curl when it hangs and it is knit on both sides.

How to do a wrap and turn (w&t)

This is a fast summary of how to do w&t on both knit and purl sides. She moves rather quickly. To see a slower version of how to do w&t see video below.

Short Rows Wrap & Turn (w&t)

Was referred to this video from The Lone Skein Shawl pattern by Joji Locatelli

How to pick up wrap and turns

This is after you have done the w&ts and now need to pick up those stitches.

Short Rows using Yarnovers

How to Knit Yarn Over (yo) Short Rows

Helical Knitting – For Stripes in the Round

For a Reversible Striped Hat using Helix Striped knitting, check out Olann Gra’s Stríocach Hata (Stripey Hat).

Sew over knitted stitches – Duplicate Stitch

Easier Alternative to Kitchener Stitch

How to do a Stretchy Bind-Off

Three Needle Bind Off

Patty Lyons – How to Seam: Set in Sleeve

How to Set-in a Sleeve

Perfect Sweater Seams

Makes a Less Bulky Seam with Flatter Mattress Stitch

Afterthought Thumb

I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s supposed to be helpful with colorwork mittens.

Weaving in the Cast On and Bind Off Tails

Color Overlapping – Yarn Dyeing

How to Untangle a Skein when Dyeing Yarn

How to Roll Yarn Into a Ball FAST (using a hand mixer!)

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